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Moscow State Circus ()



The Moscow State Circus will be on Common from Wed 17th October - Sunday 21st October.

Inspired by the Russian Legend of 'the 12 chairs' this new show takes you on an incredible journey. A mammoth cast of Russia's greatest and most talented circus artists combine contemporary and classical circus in a way never witnessed before. The newly devised show includes the beautiful queen of Russian Circus, Yana Alievia, on a revolving ariel chandelier. You will also see the breathtaking Stalkions, 3 men and 2 girls walk, back flip and perform unbelievable pyramids on the legendary high wire. The Whirlwind Rubsovsm troupe who acrobatically catapult themselves at breackneck speed across the big top and the Doktrov, flying and spiralling in the apex of the auditorium with grace, beauty and elegance.

If all this isn't enough to keep you sat on the edge of your seat then the hilarious clowns, Valik and Valerik will have you falling off them with laughter.

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