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Tudor Michaelmas Fair

Ware Priory

Event description

As part of the continuing celebration of the Great Bed of Ware's return home, re-enactment group Hungerford Household will be bringing a Tudor Fair to the Priory grounds.  Entry is free.

“You will be entertained with authentic plays from the Tudor period. Most days three, though sometimes you may be treated to an extra rehearsal of one of our new plays. All done whilst keeping in our historical roles and going about our daily lives. Some are funny, some more serious, but all have a moral behind them. Cheer St George as he vanquishes his many enemies, learn the tales of Chanticleer and the Fox, The Reeves Tale and Noah.  Join us in a dance or game.

Find out what life was like as a travelling player and join the Tudor towns folk as they forget their labours for a while to join in the fun.”


01920 487848



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